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User Testing (refine)

Me: Do you enjoy themed restaurants if so what do you like About them?

Bruce: Yes, I like to know more culture.

Katherine: Yes. The general theme restaurant is beautifully decorated.

ME: Does the logo and graphics for cosmic cafe appeal to you?

Bruce: Yes, I like the logo design.

Katherine: Yes

Is this a place you would like to go to with your friends and family?

Bruce: Maybe? My family member don’t like themed restaurants, but some of my friends will like it.

Kathrine: Yes, I would like to go to with my friends.

Do you think cosmic cafe would appeal to children?

Bruce: Of course, I think children probably will be cosmic cafe’s main client.

Kathrine: Yes.

Does anything about cosmic cafe seem offensive or culturally insensitive?

Bruce: Not sure, at least  no for me.

Katherine: No.

What kinds of food do you think cosmic cafe would sell?

Bruce: Have no idea of it, maybe something like pizza?

Katherine: Green tea latte

Is there any demographic you think would not like cosmic cafe?

Bruce: Nope, I didn’t find out anythings that I don’t like.

Katherine: yes.

What features would you like to see in cosmic cafe?

Bruce: Maybe add some seen alien’s news or some other information of about the aliens.

Katherine: Experience weightlessness.

Would you visit cosmic cafe often?

Bruce: Not unless am really enjoyed the food in there.

Katherine: No, because I do not like coffee.

How far would you travel to visit cosmic cafe?

Bruce: If I really enjoyed the food there, than nothing can stop me.

Katherine: Less than 15 min

Would you travel to visit cosmic cafe or would it be only a place you check into while you are in the area?

Bruce: Probably no, never travel or visit a place for a cafe or restaurant. I will go in if am travelling that place but not travel that place because the restaurant.

Katherine: I think travelling to visit would be better.


I started off unsure if things were in scope for me or not but slightly confident that I could get the printing done. I was originally a bit unrealistic with my expectations of the film students for my video project as I was unsure about how hard the video making was, what their process and time frames are like. It was not until the end of the trimester that I realised the videos only had to be simple panning shots of the objects and not a complex story or joke.

It was difficult to get business cards and things printed for exhibition. I paid a fair bit of money to get my T shirt printed express however getting business cards printed and cut was a bit more difficult then I expected.

I ran into a few problems getting stuff printed such as the office work s in the CBD refusing to rasterise my files for print as they have a no editing policy.

I could not really afford the printing for the T shirts, poster and box but I did it anyway for my assignment and to get good results.


Not in scope

I had some ideas such making the boxes really big and setting up a big display of my items and designs but there was a lack of space on the desk.

I had the idea that the lid of my cosmic cafe meal box could bend into an oval shape but this idea did not work well on the original paper I printed my first test box on. It was later when printing on thicker gloss paper that I realised the idea of a round top box could work because when printed on different material as different papers bend and flex differently.

Non-disclosure Agreements

A non-disclosure agreement is a legal agreement that the information you have received through business must remain private or else you may face legal consequences.

During my job at the Ipswich City Council I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement that I would not tell the media about the projects and affairs of the council and anything the mayor says to us. The mayor would sometime have us listen to him talk in the civic center about his ideas for the city and what he is trying to achieve and we were able to ask him questions and speak with him however none of what happened or what was said was I legally able to talk about to the media.

One time a massive sink hole appeared from a burst water pipe in the Ipswich CBD, I was working to repair the sink hole while media and news people were there and some tried to talk to me and other workers about what we think of the sink hole. I was only able to reply with “Sorry, can’t legally tell you anything” and the workers all reminded each other that there we signed a non-disclosure agreement when we took the job.

Non-disclosure agreements can be applied to many jobs, such as marketing and graphic design.
As a designer you may be hired to make a flyer for something. Let’s say hypothetically you have to design a flyer for a new theme park ride. On that flyer you may have information about that ride that the owners of the theme park do not want the public to know about until a certain date.

This means you will likely have to agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement before taking on the job as to keep the information away from the public until the date in which they choose to release it.


The idea of a slogan is a short catch phrase that can easily be remembered and associated with the product. The purpose of a slogan is to show what the company is about or to create an idea of what the company wants its customers to think their company is about.

An interesting part about the idea of slogs is that a brand can often be very easily associated with them without even having a logo next to the slogan at all.

I remember when lots of subway franchises first started appearing in Australia many people associated their food with freshness for their statement. Most people did not know much about how old the bread and ingredients were but still associated the brand with freshness due to the “eat fresh” slogan.

Slogans can also be used in other forms of marketing such as political campaigns.

Kevin Rud’s Kevin 07 campaign was so catchy that people were still saying Kevin 07 in 2008. It rolled off the tongue easily and got stuck in people’s heads. This sticker appeared on many of his political election campaigns and was even commonly seen on bumper stickers at the time.

I’m not a fan of Donald Trump but his “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” campaign is very catchy.
He marketed it to the point where as soon as people here “Make America great again” they think of his name, even if someone doesn’t like Donald Trump they will think of him when they here it and to me that’s a powerful thing. This slogan got lots of publicity by being printed on many red hats and people still mention this catchy slogan.

Recently Kanye West has been receiving controversy over wearing a Trump Campaign hat.

If you look at the hat for a moment you will noticed the hat does not have Trump’s picture or name on it.
If you think about it is just an item of clothing with “Make America Great again” written on it is associated with Trump. I also feel that the slogan is simple and suits the demographic many of his voters come from, old fashioned people that feel America is losing its way.

But the all time greatest slogan would have to be Nike’s “just do it”. It’s vague but there is and subtle implication that you should stop making excuses. Which suits Nike as they make sporting wear goods.

My Film Project reflection

Creating my advert with the help of a friend was an interesting experience that had me feeling a mixed range of emotions, I felt stressed I felt silly at times, I felt sad and even frustrated and scared at times but I also feed the experience was rewarding and fun as well and now I have learned something new.


I had a film student who agreed to work with me but changed his mind so he could work on his final projects for graduation. I couldn’t help but feel frustrated and disappointed in that but at the same time I couldn’t really blame him for his decision as the end of trimester is a lot of work and very time consuming and stressful. Best of luck to him.

I have lots of creative friends and associates so it was my super friends to the rescue for this project.I saw a friend had made a music video and ideas stared happening. (See music video he made below)



Luckily I was able to grab the wooden paintings / sculptures used as masks in this video as well as an old “Alien Pops” Alien head / lolly container from the 90’s to use in the video.


Filming the advert in my backyard was an awkward experience as I had to wear strange clothing in the backyard and film myself talking to myself while neighbours from the units next door were wondering what the hell I was doing.

My friend was very helpful with editing and showing me how to edit the video which made the process simple and I was very surprised with what we were able to achieve.


The filming was done in my Dad’s large backyard in Ipswich on an piece of his house that was removed from the building and then placed in the backyard as a granny flat but has since started falling apart and will be used as timber.
I don’t think this is obvious on film and I think whoever views the video may question what I am painting.
There is also a Toyota Celica parked in the yard that can be seen in one of the shots further adding to the impression that the video was not filmed in a backyard which is what I was going for.


I have never been very interested in creating films however now after doing this project I have decided that I am going to casually experiment with film making some more as it was very interesting and I was surprised with what I was able to create with the help of my friend.

My original story board was very different from the final project as I had to change the story to fit my lack of actors and time budget and set limitations.


I was not an expert on how to edit videos so I decided to keep the editing clean and simple rather than using fancy effects that may make the video seem amateur or gawdy.


I added a jpeg file on to the end of the video to show what the advert was about. The idea behind this was to collaborate with other people so I decided to ask someone I know if I could use some of the music he created. He said that all his music is free use and free to download and listen to so l could go ahead. I feel that he would probably be annoyed if his music was used in a large big budget advert though without giving him any of the royalties that he deserves.


Overall I feel that it was an educational project and I can’t wait to have another go at it.